Joseph Samuels Messina

Joseph's Biography

Joseph Samuels Messina lost a loved one fourteen years ago, and in the emotional turmoil discovered that he had a natural affinity for the piano and for the creation of original works of a spiritual, meditative, and even a romantic nature. Since that epiphany more than fourteen years ago, Joseph’s participation in the artistic and music world has flourished.
~ Bob Stevenson, KUHF Classical Radio 88.7

Joseph never played music prior to losing his loved one. Joseph does not read or write, or even know what key he is playing in, but remembers how to play his compositions over and over. His miracle story has been published in numerous magazines and has been featured on ABC, PBS, and Fox News.

His live performance is dynamic and has established himself in the last three years as a gifted and talented performer. Joseph's release of Omen's Prayer with Orchestra, Chapel of Sorrento, Concierto de Amore and his newest release of The Gift of One, have been recognized and distributed globally. Joseph’s music reaches down to the core of your soul and heals the human spirit, and his unique style of creating music is spiritual, passionate, evoking, and has captivated listeners throughout the world.

Joseph volunteers for various hospitals and charities. A portion of the sale from his CD's, are donated to these charities. He is also working on a film named, The Gift of One release date coming soon.

I Am Free

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