Joseph Samuels Messina

Private CD Labeling

Joseph Samuels Messina wants to offer a new and unique way to advertise your business, non-profit, winery, retail novelty store, and more through his heart-felt melodies. Just send us your logo, artwork and business information and A.I. Records will send you your own CD with music from The Gift of One to share with your customers. We will also provide a personalized 15-30 second recorded message about your business on the first track of the CD. Your website will be linked to ours at no additional charge. Suggested retail is $13.95.

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Ordering Requirements and Cost

  • 60 CD minimum order - $6.00 each
  • Personalized recorded message - $45.00
  • Bar Codes (optional) - $25.00
  • 50% Down/Balance due upon delivery
  • Layout of Logo, Artwork, Business info: Free
  • Shipping and Handling: Free
  • Allow 5-7 business days to recieve

To place an order,
email or call directly


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