Joseph Samuels Messina

Fan Mail

Mr. Messina,

I purchased the last CD you had with you at the Italian Festival in Houston, Texas October 16th, 2010. I listened to it all the way home. Your music is absolutely beautiful. I find myself at a lack for words. The music brought me to another place in my heart. I wanted to thank you for sharing your incredible gifts with the world. I do not have your talent but listening to music is my safe haven. During my dad's lung transplant and his death two years ago, I lose myself in music to remember all of life's beauties and your music speaks to the soul. I also have Crohn's Disease and turn to music when I am ill. Your music made me forget all my small problems. Its beauty brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your gift of music!
~ Susan Manks
Joseph, I am the lucky lady (tall blonde) who was sitting at the bar at Cafe Lafitte on Wednesday evening. You graciously went to your car and gave me the most beautiful CD I have ever heard. I was so awed by you playing the piano there but have listened to Concierto de Amore for 36 hours and am still amazed. I have told everyone I've seen about you and will definitely purchase more CD’s. I have spent my whole career in the healing arts and am so excited about where your future may lie--I have a couple of ideas to share later. You are so special and gifted and I was so blessed to be at the right place at the right time. Thank you much and I shall look forward to hearing about your concert May 20th.
~ Dr. Cody King, Houston, TX
Joseph's music is life altering, inspiring, and passionate. Rarely do you find music that touches your soul and opens your heart as Omens Prayer -This music reaches to the depth of you and opens avenues to your true feelings and creativity! I am an artist and this music has taken my paiting to a higher level. I feel as if I am taken to "another place" when I am listening to Joseph's music - a place where I can reach levels of truth and creativity which I can not get to any other way!
~ Cythia M. Cannizzaro, Houston, TX
You and I had spoken in a business related situation but you gave me your website to contact you from. I have to say that every day we take for granted the people that we encounter and never stop to think of the impact they can have on us. After reviewing this website I am moved to reflect on how grateful we all should be to have people in our world like you. In addition, your music is very beautiful but I was first touched by your purpose. I have some Christian upbringing but really haven't been a traditional Christian. But I do believe in the powers above. May God always be at your side, helping you to do His will.
~ Marcie Abendroth, Salem, OR
Joseph your music has touched my heart and soul. I have loved hearing your CD as well as hearing you play live. The passion you portray for your music is spiritual. God has truly blessed you. I know that you will continue blessing the world with your musical gift.
~ Gillian Dane, Houston, TX

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